Fetch a Commits

Fetches an existing commit from an existing project.


Both users and collaborators can access this API, via OAuth commits scope (or HTTP Basic Authentication for development purposes).



Example request

$ curl<access_token>


A commit is returned, with the following fields:

id Unique id
version Commit version (in case commit has been forcefully overwritten in VCS)
ref Original commit reference in your SCM.
build_state The state in the build cloud.
message Commit message.
scm_author_name Commit Author name in your SCM.
scm_author_email Commit Author email in your SCM.
scm_authored_date Commit Authored date in your SCM.
scm_committer_name Commit Committer name in your SCM.
scm_committer_email Commit Committer email in your SCM.
scm_committed_date Commit Committed date in your SCM.

Example response

  "response": {
    "id": 123456789123456789,
    "id_str": "123456789123456789",
    "version": 1372385043,
    "ref": "abcdefg",
    "build_state": "waiting_for_builds'
    "message": "commit message'
    "scm_author_name": "marco borromeo"
    "scm_author_email": ""
    "scm_authored_date": "2012-06-07T22:13:59+02:00"
    "scm_committer_name": "marco borromeo - committer"
    "scm_committer_email": ""
    "scm_committed_date": "2012-06-07T22:13:59+02:00"


There are no specific errors for this API.

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