Test and deploy with pleasure

ContinuityApp is the best way to test and deploy your code. In one place.

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What is it?

A fully hosted Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment service. You write code, we run your tests suites and deploy your project.

Who is it for?

From small teams to the enterprise world, willing to improve the quality of software and reduce the time taken to deliver it, without messing around with servers and scalability issues.

Why use it?

You are up and running in 5 minutes. No servers to setup and configure, an immediate scalability on demand, and a fully customizable environment.

Hosted Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Your Tests Suites, our Integration Cloud

We want ContinuityApp to be a tailored product for everybody. You can customize your build environment choosing the required language, dependencies, environment variables, specific configuration options, conditional testings and notifications. Notification handlers are Open Source, so you can provide your own! We support all the SSH-based Git repositories providers, also your own Git server.

Pick the software you need... ... or simply compile it by yourself!

We support all the software you need!

A fully UNIX-based environment is here to let you compile your dependencies. Choose the databases, technologies, languages and versions you want. Provide custom patches if you have them, and run your tests in your 100% customized environment. You can also run tests in multiple environments if, for example, you are looking to migrate your code from an interpreter or database version to another one.

That’s why you will love ContinuityApp

  • Full RESTFul API Stack

    Create new projects and tests suites, alter configurations, trigger builds directly from your development environment. APIs are OAuth-based, so you can build your applications or fully integrate our service within your development environment.

  • Streaming APIs

    With our Streaming API you can fetch the output of your test suites live. You just need to open a URL via a GET request, and wait for us to push your build logs right while they are building.

  • Fast Setup

    You are up and running in less than 5 minutes. Give us access to your repository, install our unique SSH Public Key into your repository, select your preferred testing stack, and you are ready to go!

  • Parallel tests

    Create ad-hoc test suite configurations. You will be able to run your tests in parallel, so your integration tests will run together with your unit tests, specs, or anything you want.

  • Conditional everything

    Trigger a specific test suite or deploy a good revision only when a commit appears in a specific branch or the commit message contains #something, the committer is a specific person of your choice or a specific file is touched.

  • Deploys

    We actually deploy your code via "git push". We are actively working on a way to let you deploy your project executing a command, or a script, provided by you. Git-based deploys are executed over SSH, with unique SSH keys.

  • Dependencies satisfied

    We provide a full UNIX-based environment and compilation server. You can compile all the dependencies you want, provide your own patches or configuration options.

  • Collaborators

    Add as many collaborators as you want. Collaborators will be able to see project build statuses, and trigger new ones. Collaborators don't need a paid account, the free one is enough!

  • Notifications

    Configure if and how you want to receive notifications about project builds. Notification handlers are open source, so you can create a new one or integrate ContinuityApp within your service!

  • Environment Variables

    Test stuites can be configured with custom Environment Variables. We store and encrypt these variables using the AES-256-CBC cipher, so you can use them to provide passwords, API keys, or other sensitive data you don't want to embed into your source code.

  • Support

    Need help on something or just want to discuss something with us? Drop an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. A dedicated Premium Support plan is available: contact us for more information.

  • We love to hear from you!

    We want to keep adding new features following your suggestions! Drop us a message via our contact form, or writing to to get in touch with us, suggest new features or give us any kind of feedback you want to provide!